Call for Abstracts

Annual Scientific Meeting, January 2021 - CANCELED

The SCCACS Board has decided to CANCEL the January 2021 Annual Meeting in Santa Barbara as we continue to work through the COVID-19 situation.

The SCCACS remains fully committed to providing our students and residents the opportunity to showcase their research. Working with the program committee, as well as the editor of The American Surgeon, Dr. Don Nakayama, we will continue to accept abstracts for review, and consideration for publication in the journal.

Submit An Abstract

The abstract submission form is open now and the deadline has been extended to September 30, 2020 to encourage submissions for clinical and laboratory research projects. The top abstracts will be selected using the same review process that would have selected oral presentations for the meeting. Those selected will be provided recognition for their CVs as well as the opportunity to have their manuscript considered for publication.

Abstracts are only accepted through this online submission form -- no longer through the mail. Abstracts must conform to the Instructions for Preparation of Abstract, and may not have been submitted to a journal for publication, published previously, or presented at a national or regional meeting prior to the 2021 Chapter meeting. If your abstract is selected, you will be required to submit a manuscript by January 25, 2021 for consideration of publication in The American Surgeon.

ATTENTION RESIDENTS! A cash prize will be awarded for the best paper submitted by a resident. This must be indicated on the Abstract Form if the paper is to be considered for the Residents’ Research Award, and include a letter from the Program Director stating that the abstract is primarily the work of a resident.

The Program Committee looks forward to receiving your abstract by close of business, Wednesday, September 30, 2020 through this online submission form. No abstracts will be considered after Sept. 30, 2020. No abstracts will be considered that have not been submitted through this online Abstract Form or who have not submitted all required materials. All uploaded abstracts MUST confirm to the format described in Instructions for Preparing Abstract. Please read items to the right before starting your submission.

Maheswari Senthil, MD, FACS
Program Chair

Abstract Submission Form 

JACS Submission Opportunity

During the abstract review process, the program committee will select the top abstract submissions for an opportunity to submit a manuscript for potential publication in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons (JACS). If you are selected to be considered for a JACS publication opportunity, your JACS formatted manuscript will be due to the Recorder by December 2, 2020 and senior authors will be required to participate in peer review. The SCCACS does not determine whether or not your manuscript is ultimately published in JACS. The top plenary presentation abstracts will be considered for this opportunity. If selected for consideration and the manuscript is not reviewed favorably by the JACS editorial board, you will still be required to present your work at the SCCACS annual meeting and can still submit your paper to American Surgeon or other journal of your choice.

read before Submission!

The online submission form does not allow you to save the form and return later. Before you start the submission process, go through the items below and make sure you have reviewed and have everything on hand when submitting your abstract:

  • Read Instructions for Preparing Abstract
  • Prepare abstract according to the guidelines and have a Word file of abstract ready for upload
  • Have address/email contact information available for both Senior Author and Presenter
  • Research Award consideration - you must include a letter form Program Chair confirming the work is primarily that of and will be presented by, a resident.  It is your responsibility to secure that letter and to submit it to the Chapter office.

Abstract Submission Form