Plenary presenters of abstracts at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Chapter may be eligible for publication of full peer-reviewed manuscripts in The American Surgeon. Invitations to submit full manuscripts are issued by the Program Committee via the Recorder based on merit. Manuscripts must be submitted to the Recorder in advance of the podium presentation to be eligible for consideration. Poster and specialty session presentations are ineligible. 

Peer reviewers provide feedback to the Recorder on selected manuscripts. Authors may be invited to submit one or more revisions prior to final acceptance for publication.

Ad hoc submissions are not accepted by the Chapter, but may of course be submitted independently to any journal including The American Surgeon. The Recorder participates in editorial decisions only in conjunction with abstracts selected by the Program Committee. Independent submissions are not processed through the Chapter."

For Manuscript submissions to the American Surgeon Journal, please review the following requirements for submissions. 

All Manuscripts should be submitted to the Southern CA Chapter's Recorder -

Manuscript documents, including references, must be double-spaced using 1" margins. All pages should be numbered. Numbers one to ten should be spelled out, except when used for all units of measurement (time, dimensions, degrees, weight, volume, dosage, etc.), percentage, and decimals; for numbers above ten, numerals should be used. Dorland's Medical Dictionary and Webster's International Dictionary may be used as standard references. Scientific names for drugs should be used when possible. Copyright or trade names of drugs should be capitalized. Units of measure, e.g. dosage, should be expressed in the metric system. Temperature should be expressed in degrees centigrade.

The corresponding author's name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address must appear on the title page of the manuscript. A Copyright Release Form with signatures of all authors listed on the manuscript must be submitted. Your manuscript cannot be processed without the Copyright Release form.

Manuscripts are limited to 10 pages, including all tables, figures, and references. Only the title page does not count towards the page count

An unstructured Abstract of 200 words or less must be submitted to run at the beginning of the article, rather than a summary at the end.

All Manuscripts should be submitted to the Southern CA Chapter's Recorder -